Der Kurzfilm „Curiosity“ (Neugierde) begleitet die North Face Athleten Rory Bosio, Timothy Olson und Hal Koerner bei dem Ultra Trail des Mont Blanc 2014. Bei diesem Lauf über 166km und 9600 Höhenmetern wird einmal der Mont Blanc umrundet.

Hier noch ein Link zu einem Blogeintrag des Regisseurs Renan Ozturk

“Curiosity is a real bastard. I’ve said it sometimes: ‘You bastard.’ You can’t master it, can you? You can’t even curtail it. You’re just drawn through it. It’ll take you to places, being driven like that, to some amazing experiences. And of course it will kill you as well if you’re not careful. It’s kind of humbling in some ways, you know? Just ’cause you’re curious doesn’t mean you’re going to actually do something that’s valid — but you’re just motivated to go out and start looking and trying. It sounds illogical doesn’t it, but I couldn’t live in another state.”